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Who We Are and How We Operate

We just clarified some expectations for a current customer and thought it might be good to share with others as well.  Transparency is the best policy!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Clarifying Expectations

After responding on Google, to a very unhappy customer, we realized that we should clarify some expectations that might be contrary to what we can promise our customers.

Here is what we have come up with today:

During the look over of any vehicle in our shop, we identify repairs that are required and immediately need to be addressed.  We will also identify repairs that we can be certain, will need to be addressed in the near future, if the condition of any visible component show signs of nearing their useful life.


At some point in the useful life of any car, parts will break and need repair or replacement.  We will not recommend repair or replacement of parts that don’t show signs that indicate failure in the near future, unless we are refurbishing or restoring a vehicle, or we are asked to do so.


Non-returnable parts require payment at the time of ordering and are non-refundable.


Payment for our services and parts purchased is due at the time of delivery.


We do not have loaner cars, but do offer on-site Hertz rental cars at discounted rates. 


In the case of a blizzard, we don’t ask our employees to put themselves in danger to come in and as a result, our production may be delayed.  We will also understand if our customers choose to reschedule.


We are not open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We will return phone messages and emails during our regular business hours.


Often times, we work outside of our business hours to accommodate the needs of our customers.


We strive to communicate our standards and policies using the highest level of transparency that we possibly can.


We make ourselves available to address each and every customer concern, inquiry, and /or comments through clear, honest, candid and well-informed conversation.






We value customer feedback and recognize our customers as our greatest teachers. 

This is an entry from our blog that we hope will be useful if you are shopping for the next person to work on your car.  We hope that you will take care in finding the right shop for you and aspire to make it easy to determine if we might fit the bill.


Monday, August 6, 2012

The words in today's blog posting were drafted as a response to one of our Land Rover repair customers who faced a rather large repair estimate and asked us if we would be offering her discounts.  

After drafting a response to this customer's inquiry, we decided that it encompassed the essence of our business. If you want to know who we are and how we operate before giving us a try, we hope you will take the time to read this post. 


If you don't want to read the whole post here is a quick summary:

We are a for profit business: We can't be here for you if we don't make money.

We offer value, personal and professional service.

We take care in who we hire and who will work on your car.

We work hard every day to build our small business in a big location.  If we give our work away, we would have to become a business that is very different than who we strive to be or even worse, not be profitable and eventually no longer be here for the large customer base that has come to rely on us.


We do not aspire to compete with box stores.  If bottom line prices is what you seek, we can't compete.  If quality and personalized service is what you seek, please give us a try.

That about sums it up, but if you want to read the actual email we sent out here it is:

If you compare the cost of a dealership's per hour rate, I think you will agree that our rate is discounted.  We understand how hard it is to pay for automotive repairs, especially those that are unexpected.  We relate to what our customers are feeling most when we go to the dentist and find out we will need to pay him $1,500.00 for a root canal.  We don't want to go through the inconvenience of having to go to his office for the root canal, we would rather use the money for a vacation, but we need our teeth to work and we trust our dentist, so we get the root canal.

The biggest similarity that we try to recreate with our dentist analogy is that we try to make the repairs as pain free as possible.  We do everything we can to make the experience as pleasant as possible. 

We take care in hiring the best technicians possible.  They are qualified, seasoned professionals who care.  They don't work flat rate, their work is measured not by speed or production, but by quality.  That is what our circle of customers has come to appreciate.  Expert technicians do command higher salaries than those paid at the box shops, but like with a dentist, our customers don't really want to go to somebody that "might not know what they are doing".  

We hope that you will give us the chance to earn your trust and can promise you that with every visit, we will strive to never let you down on the quality and service we deliver.  We will offer you the best value we can always, but will not sacrifice quality to offer a lower price than other shops because the corners that we would need to cut, would not allow us to deliver the quality and service that has allowed us to retain and attract new satisfied customers and their referrals year after year.

PS. If you are interested in a referral to the most amazing dentist, we would be happy to recommend ours.

Best Regards,

Jeff and Shirley

Owners and Keepers of J. White's Automotive. 



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