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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gratitude to our current customers. Thank you!

We are honored that you are traveling farther for your automotive repair and service work than you used to. 

We understand that one of the reasons you first came to us is because our location was close to your home and are proud that you continued to choose our technicians and service after your first experience with our automotive repair business.

It is the greatest complement to know that even though we are no longer located as close to your home as we were before, you continue to choose our automotive technicians to work on your vehicles. 

Your loyalty and trust is what keeps us motivated and helps to remind us that our day to day work is valued by the people who hire us to do it!

Thank you for coming to our new location in Framingham, MA.  It is an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to continue to serve you. 

We are truly grateful to know that we have earned your confidence in the automotive services that we provide.

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