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Repurposed, Refurbished, Resurrected and Restored

75 Mechanic Street, Bellingham, MA 02019  508-966-2902

~Keeping You In The Ride Of Your Choice~

We hope you enjoy our four minute video that gives viewers a glimpse of our everyday world!
In a hurry?  Here's our 31 second Land Rover eye candy fix.



Dormobile/7lwTdSP4.jpg Dormobile/wPYMlNd.jpg Dormobile/mtCqfVR7.jpg Dormobile/kzn6jwSi.jpg
Dormobile/fm5lfWvb.jpg Dormobile/Z7gCCPwW.jpg Dormobile/MLhxnThh.jpg Dormobile/9pPVjrXr.jpg

Series Truck

MarcSeriesTruck/wv1CgBN7.jpg MarcSeriesTruck/wfUR3QQD.jpg MarcSeriesTruck/e8wY7QFs.jpg MarcSeriesTruck/EbY6uCk.jpg


PhilsJeep/uuCJc8KJ.jpg PhilsJeep/EagsWRwn.jpg PhilsJeep/A3xiumhL.jpg

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser 

1989LandCruiser/cbr4hCN1.jpg 1989LandCruiser/z5c1kda0.jpg 1989LandCruiser/jidueKgL.jpg 1989LandCruiser/4mnKb1pq.jpg

 1989 Land Rover Defender 110



 After the electrical fire, this Defender 110 found its way to our shop.  We are happy to report that after its complete rewire, the 110 has been resurrected and runs beautifully.

MrBarker/SERIES2A4.jpg MrBarker/SERIES2A3.jpg MrBarker/SERIES2A2.jpg MrBarker/capturingcharm.jpg
MrBarker/shinynewwires.jpg MrBarker/messeyatfirst.jpg MrBarker/Defender110goinghome.jpg


D-90 Goes 110






1944 Jeep Willys



1981 Jeep CJ7
New Frame, New Engine, New Life To One Vintage Cherished Nantucket Jeep, Memory Making Machine 

1999 Discovery refurbished and like new again, documented in our video, Beyond Restoration.  Enjoy and thank you for watching.

1987 Defender 110
 1987 Land Rover Defender 110 Goes Slightly Puma after converting from right hand to left hand drive.













1967 Land Rover Series llA 
109 Wheel Base Engine Conversion From Petrol to 200 Turbo Direct Injection. 

Watch the video here!


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